OSHA Heat Prevention Updates & Tips

OSHA Heat Prevention Updates & Tips

Things are heating up and the pressure is on. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that it is launching a national emphasis program focused on heat-related illnesses and injuries. Under the National Emphasis Program (NEP), OSHA...

Prioritizing safety in your workplace is essential to keeping everyone involved healthy and happy. Occupational injuries of any kind can be catastrophic which is why safety regulations are so vital. Learn how setting policies and utilizing modern solutions can ensure safety, improve quality, and save you money.

Top 5 List of 2022 Safety Software

Top 5 List of 2022 Safety Software

Top 5 List of 2022 Safety Software At Work Safety Review, we constantly strive to help our readers stay updated on the latest and greatest in safety. Safety Management Software is a hot topic in 2022; therefore, we surfed the web and did the heavy lifting to give you...

Planning the Safest Year for Your Company!

Planning the Safest Year for Your Company!

Every new year brings goals and plans to do better. Whether to do better personally, professionally, or physically, every improvement idea involves planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Successful companies with low IR rates all have something in common, they...

iSAM Group Debut’s New Lockout Tagout Technology

iSAM Group Debut’s New Lockout Tagout Technology

iSAM North American Corporation is a leading supplier of advanced port automations systems, autonomous welding systems, and aircraft repair equipment. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, iSAM Group is well attuned to the safety issues associated with large...

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Safety is a moving target. Try as you might, you cannot build a safety program, set it, and forget it. Organizations need to give constant and consistent attention to safety in order to ensure employees are up to date on training and hazards are kept in check. Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity for costly incidents to rear their ugly heads. Stay up to date with the latest developments in safety with our Safety Newsletter that covers everything from new OSHA regulations to safety tools, techniques, and services that make safety programs more manageable.




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6 Components of Safety

Safety is the most important aspect of your company’s plan for the future. Without an effective safety program, there is no guarantee that your employees will return to work tomorrow, and without employees, your contracts, bids, assets, this year’s P&L projections, bottom line…all just went out the window. Despite the critical nature of safety, the basic components of a successful safety program are easily identifiable. The key is finding the right tools to utilize and the right people to consistently commit to the serious business of safety.

Check out our whitepaper to learn more about the 6 components of safety.


Safety Policy

Safety Policies that address the hazards your employees will face are an absolute necessity. Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page when it comes to company safety policies and procedures. Work Safety Review will compose customized safety policies for your organization. To learn more about developing a customized safety policy, complete the form and a representative will reach out.

“It is better to be safety conscious than unsafe and unconscious.”

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.”

“Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.”

“The near miss reported today is the accident that doesn’t happen tomorrow.”

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”

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