EHS Software is an essential commodity for any organization that is in a heavily regulated industry. Safety Management Software has also become common for businesses that are held to OSHA compliance or have a company culture of safe work practices. Just like making the right hire, choosing the right EHS software is an important decision. Whether you are a VP of Compliance tasked with selecting a safety and compliance system to implement corporate-wide or an EHS director evaluating environmental health and safety software to monitor safety risks at your specific location, a lot is riding on the decision. Work Safety Review has identified the four most critical points to consider when evaluating which EHS software is right for you.

ehs software features

1. Feature Sets

What does your Environmental Health and Safety Program currently entail (or, if you are just starting up, what will be the most critical aspects of your EHS program)? Safety Training is typically the cornerstone of any effective EHS program. Do you have an Online Safety Training Library that’s easy for employees to access? If not, you will want to consider EHS software that includes training content and ideally also includes tests and tracking. If you already have proprietary or preferred training content available, you will want to consider EHS software that allows you to add your custom training content. Before spending time looking at demo after demo, know what feature sets are necessary to your safety program. Think about the features you will need in an EHS software product and how they will fit into your EHS program.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with 100+ features that are not critical to your organization. If you do not know what feature sets are essential because your EHS program is currently undefined, consider partnering with a company that provides full-service safety solutions such as software and consulting support options.

2. Customer Support

The perfect Safety Management Software is entirely worthless if not properly implemented and supported. Some EHS software subscriptions charge a separate fee for customer support, which is fine, but you should be made aware of the full costs upfront as you evaluate various EHS software solutions. If all the pricing information is not offered voluntarily be sure to ask.

Safety managers know better than most — things can change in an instant. Whether it’s employee turnover or an accident in the workplace that triggers a compliance audit, the person tasked with managing your safety software could be here one day and gone the next. Don’t implement EHS software that your next hire won’t know how to use because there is no customer support or an outrageous fee for basic customer and technical support.

3. Price

Price is always important. Depending on your organization’s size and nature, EHS software could cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Always remember, whatever the cost may be, the cost of not implementing effective EHS software could be way higher. Again, we can’t stress this enough – when evaluating software, be sure to ask about *all* relevant prices. Most Safety Management Software plans will have a monthly fee and implementation cost. Some popular EHS software on the market will also charge additional fees per user or for features you thought were already included. Some also may charge for customer support options. The Work Safety Review rule of thumb for software pricing: the simpler the pricing model, the less likely you are to get ripped off.

4. Growth

Choosing the right EHS software is vital to your company’s plan for success in the next decade; therefore, it’s imperative you choose EHS software that can grow with you. Consider both your immediate EHS program needs and what you anticipate your workplace safety challenges will be over the next 3, 5, and 10 years. Can the software you are evaluating right now meet those needs now and then? What about the unexpected? Will the company you are about to partner with continue to innovate and grow to meet market demands? Remember, regulatory demands today may not be the same in 2025 — do your homework and choose an EHS software that will keep up with your current and future compliance and regulatory needs.

The key takeaways to remember are features, pricing, support, and growth. The safety experts at Work Safety Review have researched and evaluated dozens of EHS software solutions. We believe choosing to invest in environmental health and safety software is a no brainer, and choosing the right fit is what we are here to help with. Should you have questions about EHS software or work safety, feel free to get in touch with us.