iSAM North American Corporation is a leading supplier of advanced port automations systems, autonomous welding systems, and aircraft repair equipment. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, iSAM Group is well attuned to the safety issues associated with large equipment operations. Their decades of experience and unique technological expertise led to the development of a new program – OSHA Pre-Check Accident Avoidance & Safety (OPAAS) – designed to help similar organizations prevent unnecessary machinery-based incidents.

OPAAS makes it easy to manage, track, and report equipment inspection data. The user-friendly Lockout Tagout System allows customers to customize checklists and thereby address all aspects of equipment inspection and certifications. Learn more about OPAAS.


OPAAS can be seamlessly integrated into existing equipment such as Cranes and Forklifts with on-board computer systems. Integration allows for automated aspects of lockout tagout reporting of various equipment metrics including relevant fluid levels and sensor readings as well as environmental monitoring of certain weather conditions that may encumber safe operability. In scenarios where user systems are unable to integrate with OPAAS, users are able to preform pre-checks using any mobile device or tablet, manually entering relevant lockout tagout safety checklist items when prompted.


A variety of factors can influence the safe operability of equipment. iSAM Group works with each customer to develop customized lockout tagout equipment pre-check lists for every machine. The focus of every implementation is to identify the required goal, the intended use of the equipment, and then to develop the best fit for the client’s unique production environment. iSAM takes the care to learn internal operations of customer organizations and configures OPAAS systems to notify relevant supervisors, maintenance departments, and management when equipment hazards are identified. Lockout tagout checklists are designed in a user-friendly, step-by-step process that can be followed efficiently each day, minimizing any loss of productivity.



Every OPAAS equipment procedure begins with a check of the Operator preforming the pre-check list, ensuring that the user is qualified to use the machinery. Only once this critical item is addressed can the remainder of the pre-check list be completed. Verifying that the operator has the necessary training, medical clearance, and operator certifications to use a given piece of equipment reduces the risk of accidents, costly personnel injuries, and equipment repair expenses. In scenarios where operators are deemed unfit to operate equipment, the equipment is immediately locked for use and supervisors are notified.


OPAAS is designed to meet all auditing and CAPA requirements for ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), and OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management Systems) standards and ensures preparedness for even the most unexpected OSHA audits.


Work Safety Review sat down with CEO Dr. Jürgen Hellmich to discuss the OPAAS solution and what drove iSAM Group to develop a software that could help other companies avoid unnecessary incidents. “Every CEO would love to completely eliminate workplace accidents. These accidents are costly to both the operation of the business and any employees involved. OPAAS removes much of the human element that comes with equipment inspections, allowing management to prevent unqualified operators from accessing equipment and unsafe machinery from causing unnecessary incidents,” said Hellmich. Discussing the features that he’s seen to be the most effective, Hellmich stated, “the automatic lockout of unfit equipment and immediate notification to the relevant supervisor, makes safe work a collaborative effort for our customers. OPAAS is all about avoiding accidents, promoting safety at all times, and ensuring OSHA documentation is properly completed and centrally stored.”


iSAM Group has recently partnered with Safety Plus, Inc – a safety consultation and loss-prevention firm headquartered in Mobile, AL. Safety Plus has been providing safety consultation services since 1991, specializing in safety management solutions designed to mitigate risk while maintaining operational efficiency. Their proprietary safety management softwareSafetyPlusWeb™ – is a comprehensive solution, complete with over 80 safety videos and tests, employee requirements tracking, incident reporting, audits and inspections, document storage, and advanced safety analytics. For inquiries on how OPAAS or SafetyPlusWeb™ can better help your organization achieve greater safety operational efficiency, learn more here.