OSHA — The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has again increased the penalties for serious, non-serious, repeated, and willful workplace safety violations. The agency, which is known for showing up unannounced to job sites across the United States, is required by law to announce adjustments to these civil penalties.

Effective upon their announcement in January of this year, OHSA has increased the financial penalty for serious and non-serious safety violations from $13,494 to $13,653. OSHA has also increased the maximum financial penalty for repeated violations from $134,937 to $136,532. These penalties have the potential to drastically affect the bottom line for any organization and should be treated seriously to get employee cooperation and reduce overall liability.

OSHA’s mission is to protect the American employee and ensure that all employers provide and promote a safe working environment that adheres to safe work standards and provides adequate safety training, and benefits. Civil Financial penalties are designed to be a deterrent to companies that might violate safe work policies and instead promote and encourage organizations to provide safe work environments. The annual increase in the maximum civil penalties for various violations is in line with the cost of living and inflation increases.

Making sure that a workplace is safe for employees is essential to maintaining a productive work environment and keeping everyone involved with your organization healthy. Fines from OSHA are intended to give employers an incentive to keep workplaces safe but it can still be challenging to manage safety policies and training effectively. Many organizations have started utilizing Safety Management Software solutions that give them the tools they need to give employees easy access to safety training programs, updates to safety policies, incident reporting, site safety personnel and more.

Safety Management Technology

Complete Safety Management Technology can also give an organization the insight it needs to improve existing safety policies so they’re better suited for changes in the workplace. Different types of risks in the workplace need to be met with an appropriate response to foster a culture of workplace safety that will encourage employees to come to work and stay on task. Efficient safety management is necessary for any organization to be prepared for the future and should be a top priority. For more information on OSHA fines, regulations, and policies, visit www.osha.gov. Work Safety Review understands the importance of keeping any type of workplace safe. Additional resources focused on modern safety management solutions are also available on our Technology in Safety page.