Top 5 List of 2022 Safety Software

At Work Safety Review, we constantly strive to help our readers stay updated on the latest and greatest in safety. Safety Management Software is a hot topic in 2022; therefore, we surfed the web and did the heavy lifting to give you our top picks of Safety Management Software solutions for 2022!

1. SafetyPlusWeb – SafetyPlusWeb™ is just one safety management product offered by Safety Plus Inc., a full-service safety consulting, safety staffing and software company based in Mobile, Alabama, founded in 1991.

SafetyPlusWeb, safety management software, is our top pick for 2022 because it is a robust safety management software solution that comes configured out of the box or can be customized to accommodate various industries such as construction, manufacturing, food production, and really just about any industry that is required to follow OSHA rules and regulations. SafetyPlusWeb is also scalable in that the software is suitable for smaller companies with less than 25 employees and is also powerful enough for larger enterprise companies with over 3,000 employees. Their implementation is top notch, with staff knowledgeable about both the technology side of the software as well as safety pain points faced by customers. They are a software company and a safety consulting company with Certified Safety Professionals on staff. SafetyPlusWeb™ is the ideal solution for companies looking to implement safety software for the for first time, or those switching over from another provider with their implementation team helping to guide a clean transition. SafetyPlusWeb™ includes a mobile app that puts safety in the hands of every employee, enabling staff to conduct audits, view employee compliance, report on observed hazards, complete training, and collect signatures all from the field. They also offer customizable forms and an extensive template library. SafetyPlusWeb is easy to use, reasonably priced, and accessible to everyone on the team, making them our top pick of safety management software in 2022.

2. SiteDocs – SiteDocs is based in Canada with locations in the United States and Australia. They were founded in 2012, and like SafetyPlusWeb, they also have an in-house safety team. Their primary key feature is their ability to digitize safety and help free companies buried in the traditional paper and pen method. They offer customizable forms that can be set up and configured to do basically anything necessary as it relates to safety. With their team of in-house safety experts and the ability to customize forms, we chose them as the 2nd top safety software company on our list for 2022.

3. EHS Insight – EHSInsight, owned by StarTex, is a safety software company with offices in Texas and the Netherlands. They offer a variety of safety software solutions for multiple industries. They pride themselves on being less expensive, offering fast set-up, and continuing support. With a variety of solutions and a wide range of serviceable industries, EHS may have the solutions you are looking for. However, with so many solutions and so many industries served, their software at times can be disjointed, requiring the use of multiple logins and applications to access different feature sets. Still, if you are looking for a specific need, check them out and schedule a demo.

4. iAuditor – iAuditor is a safety management app owned by SafetyCulture and founded in 2004. They are based in Australia, with offices in Kansas City and Manchester. Their safety platform started as a mobile app and has developed into software, so it’s available on both desktop and mobile devices. The iAuditor safety inspection app is free for teams of 10 or less with limited features. However, they also offer a premium package for a fee which includes access to additional features such as analytics, integrations, and unlimited user access. Because their out-of-the-box app has limited functionality, we placed them as number 4 on the list. To create a culture that values safety, companies need to understand their safety program and how to make their safety program better, which is best achieved by tracking data and analyzing analytics, which does not come out of the box with iAuditor.

5. J.J. Keller – Finally, last on our list is J.J. Keller, which developed its safety software in 2001 but has been in business since 1953. J.J. Keller made it to our top 5 list because they are very knowledgeable in safety. They have staff that stays abreast of safety and compliance standards; however, they landed as number 5 on our list because they lack the tech stack category. Based on what we could tell from their website, J.J. Keller does not have the functionality to customize forms, which in our professional opinion, is a feature that all safety software should have.

Each safety management company has pros and cons based on product features, customer service, tech stack, and price. When evaluating a software that works for your company, be sure it checks all the boxes for product features, customer service, price, and safety expertise support. To learn more about any of these options, visit their websites and schedule a demo!